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 FS Build for Nat

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FS Build for Nat Empty
PostSubject: FS Build for Nat   FS Build for Nat Icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2007 12:23 pm

Stats shooting for
99 INT
80 VIT
52 DEX for spell speed

Acolyte Skills
Heal 10
Increase AGI 10
Divine Protection 5
Blessing 10
Angelus 4
Ruwach 1
Teleport 2
Warp 4
Pnuema 1
Aqua Benedicta 1
Cure 1

Priestess Skills
Increase SP Recovery 5
Kyrie Eleison 10
Magnificat 5
Gloria 5
Status Recovery 1
Ressurection 4
Imposito Manus 5
Suffragium 3
Lex Divina 5
Lex Aeterna 1
Aspersio 5

For woe she would go great to follow the emp breaker team with gloria and buffs.
For leveling she is an absolute full support.

Any problems with how this looks?
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FS Build for Nat
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