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PostSubject: FS Build   FS Build Icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2007 10:21 am

My Fs is lvl 79/46. here is her build
Base stats are as follows
Vit: 62
luk: 1
i will max int and vit
and then get more dex

aco skills:
Increase agi: 10
Divine protect:5
Aqua Benedicta:1
Pneuma: 1
Ruwach: 1
Teleport: 2
Warp Portal:4
Cure: 1
Angelus: 4

Preist skills:
lex Divinia: 5
Lex Aeterna: 1
Magnificant: 4
Resurrection: 4
Imposito Manus: 5
Increase Sp Recovery:4
Gloria: 4
Aspersio: 5
Suffragrim: 3
Status Recovery:7
Turn Undead:2
I have 4 job levels to go
I believe that i will max KE
Turn undead is not necessary but kind of a fun skill to have. Other importan FS skill that you may choose to get is Safety wall and Sanctuary. You could use less point in KE and TU and get Safety Wall and Sanctuary. The only reason i don't have them is that they both need a blue gemstone each time you use them and it can get really expensive. Unless you get the MVP Mistress Card then you dont use gemstones.

Again this is just what my build is, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Jaiden Black
Mallory Star Preistess
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FS Build
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