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 Sorry Im late

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Sorry Im late Empty
PostSubject: Sorry Im late   Sorry Im late Icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2007 7:57 am

Sorry ,guys, due to an internet security dispute[yukkk],my computer wouldnt let me log in,but all fixed now.affraid
ok,up to date
We had a first all members meeting[thanks to all the 8 that showed up,and this was decided,:-active members will be given all the support they need, non actives may find themselves removed [if space is required],my apologies to old wolves who may have rejoined,and not become active.
We still want all our wolves,but non activity [for any reason], clogs up the guild.
As more people take an active interest, events will get better,and all the old favourites[scav hunts,hide n seek,treasure hunts] will return.
Main points,
1Level like crazy to get the guild points and advance the guilds
2Tax is now set at 5%over level40,2% under level 40,[the more active the guilds,the less the tax]
3 we need guild funds,so donations or ideas both welcomed.
ok,see you next time,wolves,
Magista[wolf lord]
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Sorry Im late
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