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 Long Time acoming,

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Long Time acoming,  Empty
PostSubject: Long Time acoming,    Long Time acoming,  Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2011 1:09 pm

Hi, guys, well, this editorial has been a long time coming,lots happened, new faces, loss of old faces.
There does seem to be a slow decrease in RO numbers, but i notice Wolves guild is still full, all3 of them!Seriously, tho, people, whichever game you happen to be in, theres no reason why we cant stay in touch.
When my MSN isnt spreading Necrocoreys virus.... im online! I think that was Coreys legacy to wolves!, thanks for that ,Corey
Beyond that, ive tried a few new betas, and a few older games are still good,and whatever happens, I personally will never totally run out on guild, just not on as much as i used to.
Allie n Ivory are still here, too,and we still have vent.
We are hoping to see a few wolves in Adelaide this year,and our guest rooms are ready.If you are in a non RO game, why not try to spread the word [and the family] and create a new wolves guild?
Love to hear from you all, keep happy
Magi, Allie,Ivory
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Long Time acoming,
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