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 Magi and Allie's Wedding

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PostSubject: Magi and Allie's Wedding   Sat Sep 12, 2009 4:04 pm

Magi and Allie's Wedding finally happened on 9th August 2009 in Australia.
We had over 50 friends and family present and had a wonderful time. On the negative side, there was a distinct absence of a *best man*. Each person Magi asked came down ill, the moral being don't ever say yes to being Magi's best man !!!

On the plus side we had 4 beautiful bridesmaids, 1 slightly worn out bride and a gorgeous groom. The theme song was *Lady in Red*, the ceremony was touching, the food was yummy and there was plenty of booze. Allie's mother made sure she had her share and cuddled her ice bucket plus multiple bottles of champagne all through the event. However she still found time to chase Boris the chef, which did not go down well with his wife who was also there.

We left an honourary seat to represent all the friends we had wanted to come but were unable to make it. Placecards were situated here for all of you. The Wolves (which includes everyone on this forum) however did get a position of honour on the cake !!!

Ivory made a beautiful bridesmaid and Magi didn't even drink too much, *sadly* says Allie, who had been waiting to take advantage of him. LOL.

Suzi gets dressed for the wedding

Magi calms us with a cup of tes....or was it tea?

The gorgeous bridesmaids Cathaya, Aimee, Ivory and Lil

The wedding kiss, married now so its allowed???

Ivory gets her ring from Magi and is married into the new Family

Cathaya waited for you, Pan. You owe her big time !!!!!!!!!!

Place set for all our absent friends

Some of our absentees making their presence known

The Cake, all delicious and chocolaty !!!!!!!!!!

and for you Dark_Jester, the flowers

and then it was back to RO, where we got married again on our perma thiefs and adopted a little permathief, it was a little Sinister !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Magi and Allie's Wedding
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