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Wolf Lord
Wolf Lord

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PostSubject: OMG<ITS AN EDITORIAL!!!!   Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:13 am

Hi Wolves and Allies,
As you probably all know ,by now, Magi was rushed into hospital at 2 AM,last monday,and diagnosed with serious heart and gall-bladder issues.
After 1 weeks heavy care,surgery and drugs, i was released back to Allie,
a few days ago,so if im not on RO as much as i should be, thats the reason.
I am getting stronger, and Allie is an excellent sargeant major, errr i mean nurse,!!so ill be at the wedding next sunday,and then back to hospital for more surgery.
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PostSubject: Re: OMG<ITS AN EDITORIAL!!!!   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:28 pm

By the way, he is a horrible patient but he is getting better each day and is already back on RO levelling Swift from 98 to 99. Thanks to all the guild members who surprised Magi by helping to level Swift while he was in hospital. Also for the many phone calls, msn, text and in game pms enquiring about his health.

Just proves again this guild is full of heart.

He is taking it easy as our wedding in real life is only 1 week away, on the 9th August. We look forward to meeting Pan and Epy in RL too. The wedding will be celebrated on Ro with a massive BB party at a time to suit as many as possible. Warning will be given so that you can have your sprites at zero % exp.

Guild is grateful for all donations, especially stems and poison spores. Persia is potting away like mad with proceeds going to better equip her so that she may be the best potter possible. Once she is equipped, some profit will be given to the guild to use for members. So if there is a special item you need help getting, let us know.

Pan is now officially back in his rightful place as 2nd in command of the guild.

Officers in the guild are Pan, Allie, Negar, Gman, Ivory and our newest Officer, Crime Partner.

Enjoy your week

<3 Allie sunny
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