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 Our own Song

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PostSubject: Our own Song   Our own Song Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 10:10 am

just for those who asked, here is Running with the wolves,and if anyone can put music to it, please do.

Running With The Wolves

Dark night
Evil light
Baying at the moon,
Nerves are numbing,
Wolves are coming,
Gonna get here soon


Pads and claws
Teeth and jaws
Numbers vast
Coming fast
Running with the Wolves

Don't stray
You'll be prey
Scented on the air
Hear the sound
Evil hound
Frozen by his stare

They are here,
Smell the fear,
Testing of the clan
Blood runs cold
Feeling bold
Where it all began

Train the skills
Counts the kills
Get the levels fast
Train them up
From youngest pup
to Legends, that will last

~By Magista, Wolf Lord
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Our own Song
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