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Grown Pup
Grown Pup

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PostSubject: RO2   Sat Dec 20, 2008 10:04 am

Heya Guys, My friend Soi and I discovered a RO2 Server called EuphRO2 that you can play RO2 on!

-You can jump, and take jump damage

-Your weapon levels up with use, no more buying weapons!

-Your look (aka armor, head, gloves, shoes, ect.) is all customizable!

-You can easily change job classes! There are Thieves, Swordsmen, Elementalists ( Mage + Aco ), Clown, Racruiter (gunslinger), and... Novice!

-No more leveling job lvs to get skills, now you BUY them from skillmasters. You need a certain job level to learn the bought skills though.

-Did I mention you can jump?!

-Only about a total of 20 players on the main server, no more than 12 playing simultaneously on weekends.

-Only four stats to level! Not complex to learn!

-Mages arent mushy!!!!!!!!!!

-HOWEVER!!!! I never, EVER lagged on Ro1, but RO2 lags when you first enter an area or use a skill for the first time in an area.

-Beautiful 3-D environments, full weather and day/night changes, fluid movement of character.

-Only a little more difficult to chat. Now you have to press enter to bring up the chat screen, and another to post the string.

-Have fun, getting links so you guys can check it out. Maybe wolves can be the first experienced RO2 guild when it comes out! Let's try it!

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Grown Pup
Grown Pup

Number of posts : 85
Age : 28
Registration date : 2007-10-26

PostSubject: HERE   Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:53 pm


1) go to


Register with their forum, then go to "forum index."
Then go to "[GM] Chii's Official EuphRO2 Client
(Uploaded by canadiancow) 20080326
Just run the installer and you are good to go!" that post

2) Once downloaded (they have a really large bus speed, aka. fast download speed) Run the Ro2 patcher by clicking the "Full file check" button on the bottom.

3) Then download the English patch from diviniaro2, and put the file in the correct folder -remember not to overwrite the entire folder, just the files needed.


4) and the english npc patch from diviniaro2, do the same as the english patch

5) paste this code into the batch file "EuphRo2" instead of the other code.

start System/RagII.exe ServerIP= ServerPort=64000 LangCode=1042

6) and then click play! In order to create a username you have to put it like this in the username slot in the game:

Harium_M for males
Harium_F for females

anything can com before the _M or _F just as long as you get the last part right.
Then put in a password, go to "Saga Main" - a mainly english server - and go ahead and play!

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Forum Designer

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PostSubject: Re: RO2   Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:16 pm

woot good job there buddy, i always wanted to just try it cheers

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PostSubject: Re: RO2   

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