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 Prelude to Nephia - Stories from the Black Book

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PostSubject: Prelude to Nephia - Stories from the Black Book   Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:57 am

Welcome to the Prelude to Nephia Book Page.

"The Black Book is the book where Nerulth makes his language and draws his experiences. The entire story is listed in his book and many have sought it after his disappearance.

His is the story of an outcasted sinner with no crime. Hers is the story of a soldier turned widow. Nerulth and Idfaunohr.

His is the story of a longing for a brother long lost. Hers a story of longing and confusion for the man who is destined to follow. John and Lilith.

Theirs is a story of two cousins, both tied together by the actions their parents have made. Both find each other amidst the confusion and both see the death of Nerulth, but they don't know why, and search for the truth. Rakiir and Meloncradai.

His is the story of a boy made powerful without want or bidding. The death of the world or the death of him? Breavo.

These are the stories that fill the black book. Continued by a man outcasted, found by the two whos imaginations push the barriers of life, and destroyed by the boy cursed by it's history. Finally recreated as the last wish of a man far beyond the grave, I now hold the book, the black book.

These are their stories, I am just a messenger sent back in time to be the catalyst of these events. Start these stories. A Prelude to Nephia, the true beginning of their adventure."

-Verlifas Maruidin Lecruvi
Grand Malr of the Southern Carnegie Tribal Town
Cirva 332

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PostSubject: Re: Prelude to Nephia - Stories from the Black Book   Sun Dec 21, 2008 6:31 am

wow...amazing =D

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PostSubject: Gegiorne 1 - Page 546 "My return."   Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:34 am

"Now this here is his 5th story, or what would be the fifth chapter in Nerulth's life. He writes it first, however, of all the stories he wrote in his book. The stories start on page 246, and odd place to start stories. This section comes right after the 121st page of the creature manual, which at the time had a large section on sea creatures, thus telling us that at the time Nerulth was at sea."

"This was far from a diary, which is usually written immediately after a section of his life (or another's) occurred, because he writes it much later than when this particular event happened."

"In the beginning of the story, Nerulth travels with what he calls his 'Companion Metal' and his 'Companion mind.' Both of which speak to him frequently and without obstruction of distance. It is often hard for me to tell whether it is him thinking or his 'Companion mind' speaking in his mind because both are connoted the same. For now I find that whenever Neriulthi - I'm sorry - Nerulth is alone his 'Companion mind' speaks in his mind and for the most part his 'Companion metal' speaks to him directly. Whenever Nerulth's 'Companion metal' speaks to Nerulth's 'Companion mind' he always refers to him as Neriulthi, which is odd being that it is the name that Nerulth himself hates."

"Idfaunohr is someone whom Nerulth is deeply connected to, why I do not know, even in the stories of their earlier encounters he doesn't describe what particular things draw him to her. And From this excerpt one can find that Maverie is their daughter, unbenownst to her, who constantly calls Idfaunohr "mistress" and Nerulth "mistress's conduit" rather than "Mother" and "Father." Once again, I have been unsuccessful in determining why this is the case or what good it could bring."

"His return 'home,' wherever in the world or time his 'home' may be, is a significant event in his life, as noted by how many times he puts these stories in his book. A total of thirty times, in fact. Well, enough jibber-jabber, eh? I guess you want me to get on with his story then. Well then lets begin, of course, where he began, in the middle of his life."

-Verlifas Maruidin Lecruvi
Grand Malr of the Southern Carnegie Tribal Town
Cirva 334


Gegiorne 1, Page 546, "My return."

With a wisp of wind my body formed onto the earth. Another flash and my companion stood next to me. “Where is my house from here?” I said, standing up and brushing the dirt off my shirt.

“I do not recognize this area, Nerulth. I will have to do a preliminary scan to divulge our current location and the direction to your –“

“Got it. Do so. I’ll rest.” My companion left and I spent the hours idly walking around the surrounding area, despite my earlier promise. He came late in the evening, carrying some refreshments and commented on my agitation. I ate, ignoring him, and asked him for our location.

“Our current position is just southwest of our destination. Those mountains provide a path that we can travel on, and is the best course to take.”

I sighed disdainfully. “Why were my calculations so off? I landed smack dab in the middle of nowhere, far from my home, without a speck of civilization in sight!” I looked at the yellow-green berries in my hand, picked out the few that weren’t rotten, and threw them in my mouth. Tasted a bit bitter, but nonetheless juicy and filling.

I raised my hand up to it, “Get me some more of these, please.” He turned, “Oh, and we’ll leave in the morning.”

“Are you sure, that will set our estimated time of arrival-“

“Our ETA, learn to say E-T-A.”

“-Our ETA at 7:49 nul.”

“Look at me, I’m tired. Shut up, bring me those berries, and then I’ll rest, you can slave drive me later.”

“We should be there by now, and why can’t you fly again?” I said, irritated. My stomach had been growling since early that morning.

“Illogical Functionality, Error 23034. I cannot use my levitation functions because my proximity to a place of power is too far away to gain any power.” He answered.

“Can’t I be your power source? We did this before, and you were hundreds of miles away from any Leviath or for that matter, fusion generator.”

“Your power was also amplified by the Leviath, but your idleness wasted that power.”

“So by using it, it would have stayed?”

“No, then it would be gone from you using its power for whatever use.”

This is ridiculous. Why do you keep him around?

“Because, Neriulthi, he needs me.”

Needs you? Ha. Look at him. He’s completely confused.

“I am not! It’s just – “

“Either way, Nerulth, the energy would have been lost. Do not fret.”

“We’re not fretting!”

Correction, you’re not fretting.

A deep sigh left my mouth, my dehydrated brain began hurting more. I looked up and much to my relief saw the vague red outline of my home. “Finally.”

Finally? It’s only been-

“Shut up.”

I knocked on the door, a faint step could be heard inside. The door opened to a dark-haired lady of tall stature, her face was down but anyone could feel the radiance of her smile through her respectful posture. I opened my arms and we embraced each other. I remembered her warmth and love, I was truly home.

I passed Maverie, my wife’s assistant, on the way to the dining table. She held an air of pride around her whenever in her mistress’s presence, a thing that made both of us happy to receive. The meal was almost finished when I sat down but the remaining food began to pile on my plate anyways.

She leaned over the table and laid her face on her hands, “My your hungry.” She said, adding a little laugh at the end.

I looked up, face bloated and full, and said, “Off coursh.” I took a big bite of the meat and swallowed it. “ah… I’ve been traveling all day to get here.”

She moved next to me and shuffled through my hair, rubbing off as much dirt and debris as she could before she let me continue. The faint sound of chewing was all that occupied the room. Dinner finished, Maverie left and returned with a pair of clothes, which I quickly put on. The comfortable and light clothing felt so much different from the heavier gear that I usually wore for my travels. I saw that most of my earlier clothing was removed from the room, though my sword, bow, and backpack remained in the corner. My attention was diverted to a somewhat blank-faced Idfaunohr, staring at what seemed to be me.

“It’s only been a week and you’re as thin as a stick!”

“It’s been at least two months for me. You know that.” I retorted.

“Its not fair…” she said, cuddling up next to me, “that you have to be gone so long without me. I don’t care if its one week or one year, I want to be a part of it. I don’t want to stay home and run this school anymore. I want to be with you!” She hugged my arm and looked up at me.

“I…eh. I don’t want you to get hurt – “ her face got stern, “B-but I know you can take care of yourself…do you really want to go with me this time?” A little smile and giggle was my answer.

“Ok, we’ll leave in two weeks. I’ll need some rest and we’ll arrange for a day off.”

She hugged tighter, “Only a day?” I petted her soft hair.

“For us, a month or two, maybe more.” She held onto me for a short period of time before she felt a slight tugging on her dress.

“Mistress. Shall we go to bed?” Idfaunohr turned and put on a pouty face. Maverie sighed and turned, pulling the empty dishes off the table and leaving us in peace. When her footsteps died out I pulled Idfaunohr’s face to mine. I placed a light, soft kiss on her lips, “how are you doing?”

“Fine, lasting, at least.” She pulled away, gave a long lasting breath, and sat up a little. “She’s progressing fine, a little slower than my other students…”

“But that’s to be expected. Our little girl is four years younger. She’ll do fine.” I said. I saw in Maverie a reflection of her mother, one strong in spirit and grace. A voice broke my thoughts “And you?”

“Tired, as always.” My hand reached back and took the black lined book from my pouch. “Here is what kept me so long…” I pointed to a picture of a giant beast, long and powerful, “That.”

I had drawn while waiting for my companion. A jaw that could crush our most sturdy castles and a strength that could destroy even the Gargathros’ Wall on out northern border.

The hours flew by quickly, and our tales now exchanged, we went to bed. “Good night, Idfaunohr, my love.” I said.

A small giggle followed, “good night, Neriulthi.” Our lips met again, and the dark hours of fighting and warfare melted away into the night.

I woke as the sun did, right when the red meets blue in the western sky. Her face began to glow in the morning light, a small angelic glow that I thought suited her. Yes, a warrior of light, a heavenly being, that’s who she was. It would be cliché to say I’m not. I am worthy of her love, and of her, but I still remember my beginnings… In the present. Traveling to the future I found my country and language and peace, but I was an outcast by my own will back in the present. I was a first child with a demonized name and I know now that no one else cared about it except me.

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PostSubject: Gegiorne 2 - Page 552 "The Tragedy of Comedy"   Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:20 am

"This is Nerulth's Second story, written over three pages in his black book here. The time frame is what I would guess to be a month or so after his discovery of Unlight Energy, or what he later calls 'Orthodox magic.' Suffice to say, his self-worth went up a bit during this time. I personally saw him smile much more and engage with the townspeople noticably throughout the day."

"Unfortunately this was the time the Massacre of the Black Clouds happened. It was not until I read Nerulth's book that I truly understood that day. The day the town and her people were ripped to shreds by the black unlight energy orbs produced by the Arhn entering orbit on Julcrix, our maiden moon."

-Verlifas Maruidin Lecruvi
Grand Malr of the Southern Carnegie Tribal Town
Cirva 334


Gegiorne 2, Page 552 - 555, "The Tragedy of Comedy"

“To build: macredie. To sail: invertemetricon. To make: … um… Iurtur.” I scribbled down the words.

“Oh wait,” I flipped back the pages, “Umm…. I think…” I gave a deep sigh, “To make:… Iurtire. Man, I’m running out of ideas.”

I sat back and felt the warm heat of the sun on my face. The golden lining of my book was reflecting the light onto the room like a million shards of glass. I flipped the book over to escape the bright annoyance and fell down onto my back. A couple of my fingers grated the floor. My skin warmed and I turned around to sit up. In an instant the heat surrounded me, and I now stood up with my red book in hand. I looked back at my house, now unoccupied, and noticed the hole that so generously let in the bright sun earlier.

My little shack stood there, unconnected and solitary, a memento to my personal outcast from society.

“Oh! Nerulth!” said Jarnione, the elder lady living in the house opposite of mine, “Are you going to the market? Can you pick me up some gilgafish while you’re there? I’ll make some of my gran’s famous soup for you tonight!”

I waved back in acceptance.

Though I never really talked to her- her inquisitive mind always picked out the best goings on about town. She was a very kind soul, accepting me even after my personal banishment from my house.

I arrived back an hour or so later, carrying a batch of sparkling green lerin skin, for my roof, and a few gilgafish in my pouch. I sat down in her study, the faint smell of broth stewing in the next room. The little sculptures that populated the room stared at me and seemed to move near the corner of my eye. A smile on her face, warm stew in her hands, she approached the table. Carefully putting it down she said, “So how is the book coming?”

I didn’t want to answer, “Fine. Just recently finished my twenty-two thousandth, four hundred word and am starting to make legible sentences.”

“Oh, and here I thought you were making a book,” she ladled some stew into her hand-made bowls, “why, you’re making a whole language! You scholar, you.”

“You know ever since I saw you move into that house I knew you would grow up to be great.” She said, a reassuring smile on her face. “Now eat up! You know how this tastes cold.”

Indeed, the bitter, salty taste jogged my memory and I began eating the stew while it was still steaming.

I returned home as the sun’s energy was radiating across the eastern waters. I stared, if but for a moment, at the ocean through the space between the buildings before entering. I laid the lerin skin on the outside drying line, and opened my book for more inspection.

As the sun passed the horizon, leaving the world in darkness.

“Rajit.” I spoke and the energy formed. The black flew and formed around the room, and next.

“Lehierto.” Red, orange, and yellow sparks filled the black water. Pulsating as though to escape, it sent light around the room, the indication of creation magic.

“Mager.” The light disappeared and awaited the next word,

“Reliquair.” A shine replaced the black, reflecting the face of our sovereign moon, Quilthea. A long block of this lustrous material stood, much like a guard, over its current position.

“Veriliir.” The black came again, covering the metal in a deep fog. I grabbed ahold of the sides, pushing, pulling, and molding the blackness until it was thin and long.

I stood back, the lights faintly breaking through the black to lie upon my face. The columniation of my efforts, years of toil and experimentation, had all transformed my being into something unique. Special. Purpose. I had purpose now. A freedom gained without the help of my fellow man, beast as he was. Throwing my life into the pit, how dare he?! How dare he do that to me?! Why did I deserve his hate, surely that is what it was. He despised my being for some reason, for some ungodly emotion, for some unknown, evil truth that I did not know.


Softly the blackness vanished, a folding light disappeared. As gravity took its hold a loud ‘thunk’ came from the floor. I walked around the sole table the populated my small abode and looked upon its grandeur: A white flash of light seared its length, growing darker into a golden handle. Exquisite curves defined its blade, and four green thorns stabbed outward from its center. An equally green gem, an eye that looks and condemns its enemies with a glance, laid proudly above the spikes, the centerpiece to my completed work.

By far this was my greatest accomplishment. My other refiams were simplistic in nature, only one part of each truly focused upon. But this, no, it was grand. It felt as if I had picked up a feather and I became afraid. Could its weight show signs of ill constitution? A quick swipe to the ground below me, a ringing noise, and a still sharp blade told me otherwise.

The next day I prepared a covering for it using only the finest Rusheth skin, known for its sturdiness and durability. I laced the top with the same thread that outlined my second book, and some brown decretory upon the side.
As it was customary for our town’s men to carry a refiam, I found it quite pleasurable to do so myself. For the most part people’s eyes ignored my new accessory, with the exception of Maladrin, who often took sport in challenging others. He lived in the Southeastern corner of town, the shopping district, quite literally. His shop, a Relefriam, was famous for its gilded refiams sold to only the highest bidders. Though ours was the wealthiest of the namodiers, particularly because we didn’t move constantly on our town, only three of our citizens owned his fine works.
As shiny as they were you would think that their practicality was more for a wall than actual combat, but it was for this reason Maladrin took to the streets, showing off his refiams to all willing challengers and conquering every time. It was he who would bring a good challenge, I thought.

“Maladrin! Can I see your equipped refiam?! Its midkilk looks fantastic!” I yelled to him.

“Why of course Neriulthi!” Oh, shivers ran down my spine. I hated that name. He came over and I begged him not say it again. “Please, just Nerulth.”

He tried to sound out the “ru,” but quickly gave up on it to describe his latest fashion: A wave and its mirror implanted on the side of the refiam to protect the user’s hand. He spoke for a few minutes on his technique, which fell on dull ears, and I interjected, “Why don’t we test out its effectiveness?”
He looked down and noticed my Rusheth holster, “Oh. Oh! But of course Ner-r-ru. Neru-... of course.”

He had a knack of positioning himself in a crowd on a busy day, and today was no exception.

“Draw your sword sir,” and bowing slightly, “lets see how your long you last” he said with a proud grimace.

A sweat drop rolled down my brow. His experience with the refiam far surpassed my own. If I was to persevere I would have to get crafty. I drew my sword, and point first, faced Maladrin. I looked quickly to my left and saw a wall, an easy place to take down a cornered foe – but a blink passed and Maladrin was on me, refiam raised as if cutting the sun. I backed to my left, barely dodging the following blow, and he quickly recovered and swung again in an uppercut thrust. A green eye saw the movement and my hand flew as my eyes shut.

I heard no sound, but a moment later the blunt end of some object flew past my head onto the wall behind me. I was pushed against the wall and hard breathing hit my lungs. I opened my eyes and a loud clang hit the ground before me. And there I saw the wave and its mirror, no longer connected to its blade, laying flat underneath Maladrin. Open eyes and silence filled the area. Its as if time had stopped and I alone did not notice it.

“My-“ Maladrin finally spoke, “My refi- What did you make your refiam out of?!” He grabbed me and shook me. My head turned to the side and noticed the blade of his now separated refiam only inches away from my head.
He looked back in horror, his observers, his customers, all eyed the broken metal laying on the ground.

“I-“ Stumbling for breath from surprise I pushed him away from me. “I don’t know.” Then I felt it. The light, barely noticeable sword that occupied my hand.

A wild smirk invaded my face as I walked off, knowing a crowd of eyes warmed my back.

My stomach hurt from laughter when I walked in the door. My smile could not be erased as I lifted the refiam to my eye to bask in its gloriousness. The light from its blade shined in my eye, then disappeared. Darkness clouded its metal and instantly flashed red. The room seemed to be on fire and in surprise I turned around.

“Wh- what?!” And there I saw the real flame, the real source of the flash. My body became unfeeling, my limbs moved on their own, pulling me outside and forcing me to look up to the grey and orange sky.

A scream from my right forced me to turn, and there laid Jarnoine, or ... half of her. Over her like a grim reaper was a black orb, which just as quickly disappeared. I looked down the alley to see more and more of these black devils occupy and vanish from the streets, leaving parts of houses and people in their wake.

Round’ corners I ran, until my goal became apparent: today was market day. John was alone in our house.

I turned left past the market and jumped over the fruit boxes on the other end that led to the alleyway. Past the poor quarters, through the diving hole, past our o’ so precious Nephia, and under the bridge that connected the two largest houses in the northeaster part of town. I then remembered the day I moved out of my house, and how difficult it was to move to the absolute other side of the town. Much less difficult, however, than running through a maze of black, unmarked houses and dark death spheres.
Over another rooftop and I stood, stunned at the sight of my old house covered in the black. No. “No!”

I lunged forward, “Rajit!”


As I fell into the black searing pain wracked my body and pieces of a body, not mine, were peeled off layer by layer. Lucky that the barrier that now surrounded me kept the black sphere from doing to me what it did to my friend. The pain remained, but gravity restored its power and the faint green hue of the walls was visible around me. The house was still here, inside the sphere.

But I had to be finished in my wonderment, I had to save John. I ran to the kitchen first, mending some small wounds on my head, arms, and legs. I brushed off some hair from my scalp and walked off into the hallway. I carried myself upstairs and saw John unfortunately sleeping on his bed.
“John. John!” I shook him from his slumber, “Get up!”

“Ugh, Neriulthi?” Oh, how I hated that name.
I didn’t need to deal with this…

Picking him up and throwing him over my shoulder, I proceeded in carrying him down the stairs. A creaking sound emanated from the walls. I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around suddenly to look back up the stairs for the source of the sound. A loud crack sounded from behind me and my brother’s body went limp. “ooh, that must hurt.”

I put his body in a more comfortable position now that the wall rendered him unmoving. The hallway flew by me and I turned the final corner before repeating the spell – “Rajit! Meterirs-Falas-Brevis!” And the black covered me.

Traveling through the void sapped my energy because I had failed to designate a target to shield me, using my life energy instead in my haste. My head went blank and in another instant I felt flow of air around my body. I looked over my flying body to see the black-covered house, and a little sphere slowly moving out of it. John had made it out safely. Thank goodness.

Bam! I hit the water, the air was pushed out of me from the blast, and water forced its way into my mouth. I focused my energy one more time and used the water around me to form a shield, and in the darkness I was again. Hours went by in the nothingness, but of course those hours seemed like days. Hunger stabbed me and my body wanted to move. I couldn’t take it anymore so I let down the shield.

The faint rush of air came from behind me, my hands were limp, something was pulling me down. Gravity? I could breath, but why could I breath? I was underwater, wasn’t I?

I hit the mushy ground which absorbed the majority of my fall, but I couldn’t see. I got up, and tried to see if my eyes would adjust. I wouldn’t risk making fire from my magic, if I was underwater in an air bubble that would bad. I trudged along for a while, stepping on a few shells and such, telling me that the ground beneath my feet was the ocean floor.

I heard something, faintly I heard something. A pain like no other erupted from the back of my head. Me ears rang. Then my mind became as black as the world around me.

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PostSubject: Gegiorne 3 - Page 553 "Love has no place in War"   Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:15 am

"This is Nerulth's third story, it describes his first experience with the future. As you already know there is the present. What you don't know is that there is a way to travel to the past and future, and even into the very past and very future."

"Idfaunohr, or in this case, Ms. Barthovis, is a main figure in many of Nerulth's stories, and this is the first that mentions their meeting. Outside the walls of Aura he mentions a battle called 'The battle of the Run,' pronounced 'roon.' This was a decisive battle for Aura, and Nerulth caught the dead end of it, lucky for him."

-Verlifas Maruidin Lecruvi
Grand Malr of the Southern Carnegie Tribal Town
Cirva 334


I took a deep breath and jumped into the swirling, torrentuous vortex. I had to move quickly lest the anomaly extinguish my life. In the flowing water of the Leviath I could feel my life draining away and in the center, shrinking.

“Hrrgh!” I struggled to encant a shield against the will of a dwindling and growing body.

“Rajit – Shevari – Kan!” The deafening sounds instantly faded into the black that replaced the light of the white winds. Nothingness. I liked it. All was calm in the void, and darkness covered all but a few shards of red, orange, and gold light. Now, I could concentrate.

I looked inside my mind and my eyes flashed with the destination.

“Rajit – Kan!” The barrier washed out of existence and I became exposed to the harsh storm.

“Rajit – Farras – Las – Leviath!”

Sounds and lights whirled around me and began to slow, so much in fact that the very elements of the Leviath became apparent and readable. Time, however, flew past it and a huge wave of energy propelled me on a black road that was laid before me. The essence of space and time distorted, twisted, a constant state of flux. Almost...



The road fell and land replaced it beneath my feet. A faint whistle from an arrow passed my head, urging my attention on its source. The bowman let fly another and the gray flash of my companion flew in front of me. With a ping the arrow bounced off of my companion and it retaliated with a shot from its right cannon. Two, more hostile flashes of gray dashed towards me and I instinctually parried each with my dagger.

“Rajit – Eltrei – Mein – Kan!” A rock evaporated into pure energy, focusing into my hand, and erupting to annihilate my two attackers.

In this moment of respite I scanned what was obviously a battlefield. Bodies lay, bloody and dusted over by the barren landscape. My assailants were large and bulky, carrying a bulbous – like spear and a shield. Covered in thick, tan hide, steel, and travel packs these men were obviously the rough and ready type from the Northlands. The others, whom fate apparently paired me with, were wearing more armor and less clothing, and even women lied dead with the men.

Looking at the spears of the still men, I said, “I need a bigger weapon.”

No Kidding’ spoke my mind.

“Rajit – Gautige – Ulir – “ I drew my sword from memory, its green luster begging to streak with the red of my enemies blood. “Refia.”

There appeared my sage green beauty, my masterwork refia. Its eye ever searching for my next target. I infused its thoughts with my own to combine our efforts in the coming battle, and that we did when another arrow flew to decapitate me. We thrusted up, flinging it into the air, and rushed to kill its master in cold blood.

We were quickly distracted by my minds words: ‘Whoah! What a hottie!’
I turned to his intention, a woman was fighting another of the bulky warriors by herself and was ignorant of another behind her, ready to kill.

“Rajit – Shevari – Kan!” An emptiness appeared behind the woman, a relief to the sword that would have otherwise fallen on her head. We sighted our target and my green friend sliced through the shield and attacker like a hot knife through butter.

Our green eye spotted another hostile movement and without warning rushed to block that attack, yet it was from the woman that I just saved.
She said through clenched teeth, “Who are you?!”

I was stunned, not only from a different area, but a different time, this woman spoke the very language I had created. Albeit in a different accent than I had hoped for but nonetheless my language.

“Are you an ally? SPEAK!”

I managed to stutter out my reply through my bewilderment, “Y-yes.”

“Then – “ She grabbed and pulled me to the ground, forcing her other hand into the air to stop three arrows from penetrating us – “you had better stay alive.”

Still holding onto me she ran to her right and threw me behind a rock near her own. I motioned my companion to follow, telling the woman that it was an ally.

She pointed out onto the battlefield, “We need to kill HIM.” Her finger laid itself on a far off, armored and beard clad man. His armor was of obsidian black and gold lining and he was riding on a large, strange animal.

I stared for a moment and said, “That’s it?”

“Okay then... Rajit – Eltrei – “

“What are you doing?”

I stopped the incantation, “Killing him, now leave me alone for a second. Rajit – Eltrei – Mein – “ I focused the unlight energy in my hand.


“VIR - KAN!”

A thin black line appeared from my hand and exploded in a deafening blast, causing the woman to flinch. The man in the black and gold armor fell to the ground, the echo of the final clangs of the armor bringing an unbelievably swift silence to the battlefield.

A chant broke out from the enemies, who started retreating. My newfound “Allies” yelled, “Win! Win! Win!” and I looked to my companion and then the woman.

With tears in her eyes she smiled at me and then ran to her comrades joining in the cheer. I walked over to the crowd and shared in their joy, though not their seemingly teeming relief. Soon the yells and energy dissipated from the warriors and they started walking towards an unknown destination. Caravans and war machines appeared behind us, filled to the brim with supplies and pleasantries. Food was passed around and shifts were given out to carry the dead and salvage.

As the sun started falling from the sky the red evening was replaced by the flickering of fires and torches. Bodies were burned outside the encampment and tents popped up around the warm lights that dotted the barren landscape. Letters were passed to and fro to the calm faces of their recipients. Throughout all of this, and my searching, the woman from earlier eluded me and I wouldn’t see her until the next morning.

I woke up to the faint hum of my companion’s computational system. I was being carried by its hard, silver hands. I took a breath and moisture filled my lungs. The air was dense and foggy but I could still make out a few troops pointing their spears towards us. I stayed still and hoped they didn’t notice my waking.

“What’s going on?” I thought.

My companion replied in thought, “They asked me to carry you, and seeing as you were incapacitated, I did so. They are neutral towards you and do now wish to harm you. The woman told them of your aid and her superior decided to bring you back to their country – Aura.”

“Well I guess we have no choice then.”

My mind interjected, ‘Well, we do have a choice. We could make a run for it, who knows what the LEADERS of these spearmen will do when they themselves are just neutral to you and still point weapons at you.

“Perhaps they see me as a threat.” I thought back.


And so I was carried for about an hour through the grassless, barren plain. The fog blocked my view of anything past the solders around me and I began to quench my boredom with a thought of the woman I fought with. Quick witted, strong, agile. I bet that it took at least five of the enemy, in front of her of course, to really challenge her. It seemed to me that she lived and breathed natural leadership due to her quick whips of words and direct confrontation. But, unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of her through the stir of the battle – in fact, other than a few aspects of her braided and white dyed hair, he bodily presence was a blur.

Small murmurs in front of us turned to whispers, then to echoes, then to words that distracted me from my thoughts, “HALT!”

I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep once more. I heard the few men around us move and then a tiny, nasal voice said, “Mistress Jack requires your master at the front.”

“He is not my master. We are companions.”

There was a silence for a moment, then the nasal voice snapped back, “Whatever he is to you, just bring him to the Mistress. Here, follow me you dumb golem.”

We began to walk again and my companion thought, “What is a golem? I have no existing records from my database or your journal of such an object or creature.”

“You, apparently. Just keep walking.”

And so we did for a small while until a bump in our path prompted my to open my eyes. I looked to my left and spotted the nasal man leading us, and suffice to say his physique surprised me. Where I expected a small, staunchly man a taller, more built one walked. He wore loose clothing that was tied around his knees and elbows. A light blue sash fell across his back and led to his front where, I found later, a crest adorned with a darker blue and gold held it to his clothing. He walked barefooted with his heels lifted – his tone legs giving him a flighty step. On his right – a spear of rusted bronze and encrusted blood, and left a cloth embroidered with tiny, silver knives. I would later learn to respect the cloth he held but for now I found it odd that he was carrying such a heavy rug on the battlefield.

The nasal man turned and I once again feigned sleep, “Wait here and I’ll bring her to you.”

I hope we get to see the chick again.’ Spoke my mind.

“As do I.”

Two guards, the nasal man, and another two guards emerged through the fog and surrounded us. The woman whom I fought with, along with a man and another two women followed. The came who I presumed to be, “Jack.”

She was a weathered woman, maybe in her late forties, with short, white hair that was cut like a bowl on her head. She was looking down when she entered through the fog, bearing regal clothes that covered her entire body and over her right hand.

“So you’re the little savior that cut Magnicurn’s head clean off...” she said, not raising her head a bit.

Her silence prompted my companion to drop me, and after brushing the dust off and throwing it a bewildered glance I replied, “Yes.”

She raised her head and at once here eyes caught my own. Though half closed in an uninterested matter, a golden and green lightness reflected off her iris’s; her eyes were literally glowing.

“So who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Nerulth.”

“Check him.”

One of the other women, significantly taller with longer white hair, walked up to me and put her palm on my forehead.

I didn’t feel anything that would indicate any intrusion whatsoever but sure enough she released her palm, touched it to her head, and her eyes streaked white.

“His name is Nerulth.”

“We already have that inform-“

“I know, there’s more... He’s from the past.” The surrounding group twitched but Jack remained rooted in place.

“His name is also Neriulthi.” I cringed at the sound of that name.

“He knows orthodox magic, in fact, he is the original creator of it. And...” She let go of her forehead and stood back, wide-eyed.

“What is it?” Jack asked, staring at her, then me.

“H-he’s... this is too strange for words but... he’s the creator of our language!”

Jack had a stern look on her face as she approached me. “Alacreidei’s magic never lies. Put him back with his golem.” She turned and began to walk away, “and none of this ever happened, correct?!”


All but the woman from earlier followed Jack out of sight. She stared in their direction until they dissapered and then walked over to me.

“Thank you.”

I was beginning to climb back into my companion’s arms when I replied, “Sure – but you asked me to... sort of.”


“To kill the man, you asked me to.”

She shook her head, “No.”

Looking up to me again I could see her face – beautiful. Eyes that speared meeting to a chiseled, perfect nose. Lips whose pink tint slightly glowed in the fog. Soft, white hair that flowed past her shoulders in nine differently lengthed strips. Her body long but covered under thick layers of tan, ornamented clothing.

“No – I mean thank you for saving me.”

“Oh – Thank my mind.” I smiled and hopped onto my companion’s arms.

The woman turned, “My name is Barthovis, and you are... Nerulth Neriulthi?”

“Nerulth alone is quite fine. Where are we headed next?”

She pointed into the fog, “That way. Home. Aura. Towards the Gargathros wall that shields its mother. Should take about three days without interruptions.”

“Without interruptions?”

“Without interruptions.”

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PostSubject: Gegiorne 3 - Page 553 "A Bold New Direction"   Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:15 am

Ch.4 On its way!
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PostSubject: Re: Prelude to Nephia - Stories from the Black Book   Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:51 pm

Great effort, keep it up.
Missing you on ro
Allie sunny
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PostSubject: Ch.3 Love has no place in War   Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:43 am

Finished! I'll type it up and post it asap!
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am waiting anxiously, chase.
<3 Allie
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And Chapter 3 is UP!!!
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Im going to read them all again, in order this time lol
with a hot drink and some nibblies next to me
<3 Allie
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Yummy! Also- I'm looking at a job at GNC now, so I may be able to rake in enough cash for a small play on RO. Schedule's cleared up dramatically, and the summer calculus course I've been taking is going to end in about two and a half weeks! Thank you for reading my stories! Hope Ch. 3 is just as good as or better than the rest!
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Prelude to Nephia - Stories from the Black Book
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