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 Simba's shrimp

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Simba's shrimp Empty
PostSubject: Simba's shrimp   Simba's shrimp Icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2008 4:45 am

Okay at first I thought about doing potato salad but then I thought about my shrimp (with rice if you want). so here it goes.

1.Bag of shrimp(raw)
2.curry powder.
3.garlic cloves
6.olive oil

1.Unthaw the shrimp by putting around half of the bag into a strainer under some hot water.
2.In a pan u poor in around 1 or 2 caps full of the olive oil in.
3.Grab the garlic cloves and take 1 or 2 and mince them up and make their be no big chunks.
4.Check if the shrimp has unthawed. If it has then put it in the pan with the olive oil. Then you add the minced garlic,pepper around a small pinch, salt another small pinch, and around 2 teaspoons ful of the curry powder in as well, and just a small pinch of parsley.
5. Check on them every 30 seconds or so. The shrimp should be pink and curled and the garlic will be a bit see through. (rember the shrimp wil turn a bit yellow because of the curry)
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Simba's shrimp
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