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 Future of the Wolves?

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PostSubject: Future of the Wolves?   Future of the Wolves? Icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2008 2:52 pm

Congratulations to those guildies who have 99 or transed during the last few weeks. Also a big round of applause for those guildies who have been levelling their guild characters hard during the RO event. Soon we will have a lot of Trans Wolves, a goal we should all be trying to aim for.

Ok, I'm not going to tell any one off,but certain questions hang over us.

Why are priests expected to be an endless source of free warps?

Upon consideration, we have worked out that our priests are spending around 10-20k zeny each week warping members around. The correct thing to do is to offer them a blue gem for each warp or a fee of 1kz. Remember, priests do not have a chance to earn much money while helping members, therefore it is expected that parties are on even item share.

How can we be a WOE guild when 60% of members never turn up?

Members should realise that as from the time we get Leader's Recall, all guild members on line at that time will automatically be warped to where-ever the Guild leader is. Woe is on Wednesdays and Saturdays and if you can make either or both, we would appreciate seeing you there. We meet in Geffen for Woe. As our guild becomes stronger, we increase our chances of taking and holding a castle, a task that requires the cooperation of as many guildies as possible.
Treasures taken from the castle are donated to guild treasury and given to members as the need arises. If you don't Woe, you go to the end of the line for requests.

Why do members not help the guild, but expect the guild to help them?

All guilds require funds. How we go about getting these funds is in the balance. Common practice is for members to contribute on a regular basis, either in the form of herbs, items or zeny. Without sufficient guild funds, we cannot expect to equip our members properly or have the funds to hold certain guild events.
We have rearranged the treasury into 3 parts. Allie will hold all donated items that can be used in quests and items for potting, Chibi will become the guild vendor /wheeler/dealer and Negar holds all guild equips in the Weapons Library for short term loan.
We will also shortly be organising members into groups and giving them lists of items to be hunted for the guild.

Why hasn't Magista transed yet?

Magista has spent most of his time in Wolves helping guild members level, attending to matters with other guild leaders and helping guildies all over the maps. Now he has finally taken some time out to level his own character and would appreciate being given some time to do so.
(or as Theo says "you bastards ask too much")

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Future of the Wolves?
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