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 Knight builds the Kaz way

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PostSubject: Knight builds the Kaz way   Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:20 am

rawr heres the first one chibi Razz

Now to explain. I gave him the skills as if he went a job 50 swordsman. However, its not necessary. I mean lvl 1 endure is really all you need. Its up to you what you want. Those are pretty much the knight skills u need. Except spear stab, all you need is the preq for that but ull have left over points. I put them into spear stab but u can choose what to do with them.

Equipment is how i would use it. Headgear/shoes is sp gear. Trust me ur going to hate knight sp so this will help. I used a shield but any type of siheld works as long as its carded for the monster ur figthing. I suggest a thara frog since u will fight a lot of demi humans. Maybe buckler and other characters can use? up to u.

Immune muffler...uyea pricey but worth it and other characters can use. Until u find it or get it, its up to u what to use.

Pike...pretty much a four carded pike for what u fight. Best damage out put with a spear.

masquarade is optional, but helps out when u fight demi humans, same with beret etc.

chain mail of ares...dude seriously eventually this is going to give u 1k+ hp around 70. A lot more at higher lvls

thats the basic idea so post chibi if u have any questions on thsi build Razz NOW TO HYBRID
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PostSubject: Re: Knight builds the Kaz way   Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:28 am

Rawr here is the hybrid build!
first attempt really but im going with my knightly knowledge.
now im happy at the skill build...i love it acutally
As for the stat build im pretty happy with it. However since this is my first hybrid build i suggest u get it across someone with a hybrid knight.

Ill get back to you about equipment for the reasons stated.

rawr ill update later with equipment and review on stats, rawr going to talk to people =)

and now....sigh agi knight >.> *dies inside*
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Knight builds the Kaz way
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