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 Magi n Allie's Editorial update

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PostSubject: Magi n Allie's Editorial update   Magi n Allie's Editorial update Icon_minitimeTue Jun 10, 2008 2:56 am

Hi Wolves

Congratulations to everyone for hard levelling during the exp event.
Many wolves increased their levels substantially, it's great to see.
Due to your hard work, we are only 1 1/2 levels from Recall.
A special thanks must go to Crit (Karinya Su) for all his help. Very Happy

Once we reach Recall, there will be a 2 week tax free period for the guild in appreciation of everyones hard work. Also due to the extreme difficulty of levelling, those Guild members who have reached level 96 will have their tax reduced to 2% untill they 99.

In our efforts to level we will sometimes encounter agressive behaviour on some maps. Please remember that we are representing Wolves and try to avoid conflict, there is no shortage of monsters waiting to be slaughtered by us. As a footnote, on the Anubis map, do not use any skills to help others except for Heal as apparently they can interfere with some trans skills. Unless asked to help, don't as some of our efforts to help have been seen as KSing.

As to OD2, some alchemists feel that no-one else has a right to level there. If you are ever threatened while there, it's best just to move elsewhere in the dungeon rather than get upset. Some alchemists play dirty and move in on you and then threaten to complain to the GM's that you are interfering with their right to play. Evil or Very Mad

On a personal note, Allie and I are taking a 4 day Ro break. Although you may see us on Vent during this time, it's not really us, just our ghostly presence as we spend some time romantic time together. I love you

Any one having any problems, please see Chibi or Theo.

Finally,the New website is up and running, for the moment we are using both sites, but they will be merged into 1 site at a future date.
Please register at http://wolvesofragnarok.com, this applies to our allies, as well as Wolves.
Remember that the new website is a work in progress, suggestions wanted. Email addresses will be available for those that want one,[ for example, magista@wolvesofragnarok.com].

"Remember, my child, as a wolf, you are fiercely loyal, sociable,and supportive, and always ready to fight for your family".

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PostSubject: Re: Magi n Allie's Editorial update   Magi n Allie's Editorial update Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2008 2:26 pm

Hi to all Wolves and Allies

A lot has happened since Magi and Allie’s last editorial.

Many of our members are 99 or very close to it, congratulations to all of them for their hard work. Also many thanks to all Wolves for the experience you have donated to the guild, we are now a level 12 guild. To celebrate this, all tax has been set at 0%, except for those Wolves wishing to still donate tax (mainly the 99s who are donating 50% tax and er…dunno).
And Magi himself is finally on level 98, heading towards that magic 99.

Arrrroooooooooo, well done all.

WoE news.

Our alliance with Chaotic Vistage and Bakas for WoE is over. The general opinion of most members was that they preferred the old way of fighting Woe, where a lot of fun was had by all. While we still hope to remain friends with CV and Bakas, at this time our alliance will again consist of Holy, Zao and WoG. We will stay on our own vent for WoE and our meeting spot for WoE will again be Geffen.

The Guild Fund

Broke again. All zenys earnt have been spent on equipping guild members or on loans to members. Please realize that the guild fund is very heavily subsidized by Allie and Magi. So would members please contribute to our funds by collecting some of the following each week ( they can be handed in to Allie, Magi or Negar):

Poison spores. Stems, Fabric. Rainbow shells. Scorpion tails

Gills (for Holy’s arrow making)

Guild Library

We still have items in the guild library available for loan. However many of these are low level and we think it may be time to sell some of them off (also Negar’s cart is running out of room).

People wishing to borrow expensive equips from the library, will be asked to leave a piece of their own equip as security until the item is returned. All equips should be returned by the beginning of Saturday WoE, but can be re-borrowed if no one else is waiting for it. Both Negar and Allie can access this library, so fell free to ask what we have. How long you have been in the guild, will count towards what items may be borrowed.

If anyone wishes to donate unused items to the guild, they will always be gratefully accepted.

Guild Events

These will be organized and notice given on the guild memo and on vent. Please get into the habit of reading the guild memo on RO. Suggestions for future events are welcome, the hardest part is finding a time to suit most people.

Wolves Forum wolves001.forumotion.com/index

Olaf is about to revamp the Wolves forum again, helped ably be Neko. Keep your eyes on it and make sure you post. Also everyone seems to be adding new updated photos in the real life picture section, makes for interesting reading. Why not join in and update yours?
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Magi n Allie's Editorial update
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