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PostSubject: Mercenaries   Mercenaries Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 12:00 pm

For those of you who may not know, a new feature of RO has been added with the 11.3 update. You can now hire a mercenary to help with Leveling, PVP, Item Hunting, or WoE. I thought we should have a section of the forum dealing with basic mercenary setup.

----- Choosing your Merc ---------

Each Mercenary has its own unique class, abilities, level, and stats. You will want to select your mercenary based on what attributes will help you level. Doddler's Rode2 website has a section dealing specifically with all these stats.


------ Controling your Merc --------

Once you have your mercenary summoned, you need an AI system (similar to the homunculus) to control your new character. The 11.3 update comes with its own default merc AI, which I personally dont like. The only other option at the moment is a custom AI created by Dr. Azzy. The AI is a work in progress.

There are 2 basic differences between the AI's. The default AI is a normal attack spamming AI, while Azzy'a MerAI is much more based on skill spamming (IE double strafe, pierce, bash, etc).

Using the default AI will give you a lot of control over your mercenary, so they're very likely to do something smart (at the cost of increased button mashing); you can use your Merc's skills manually via your character's shortcut bar:
1) Summon the Mercenary
2) Press Ctrl+R to bring up the Merc's status window
3) Press the Skills button on the status window
4) Drag and drop the skills onto your F1-F9 slots
5) Go crazy with manual skill spamming.

Using MerAI, you can let your merc go spam its own skills, but by doing so, you give up a certain amount of control because the current version of the AI cant' tell the difference between different types of enemies (the current speculation is that this is an intentional nerf, but it could be a defect in the server) like players can.

Downloadaing Azzy's MerAI:
1) Back up your existing homunculus AI if you have one.
2) Go to: http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=14786&start=1 for general info.
3) Download and unzip the AI files.
4) Copy all those files to the user ai folder on your computer. Example: C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline\AI\USER_AI
5) Restore your homunculus AI from your backup file.
6) Open up your A_Config File and edit it so your merc plays how you want him to.
7) Save the file, and relog your character so the changed can take effect.

-------- Tweaking Azzy's MerAI -------
By default, MerAI comes with a merc that's aggressive if his HP is over 60% full, attacks monsters about a half-screen's distance from you, auto-spams skills till he's out of sp, and searches for monsters by darting a way from you in a random direction. If this is not the behavior you want, you will need to do some tweaking.

Editing a variable:
Azzy has commented the A_Config file rather well, giving us an explanation of all his variables. Every comment is set off with a "--" marking and every variable looks like: VariableName=XXX where XXX is the variable's value. When you change a variable, change the XXX to the desired number. Read the comments to help you understand what they do. If you want, you can save a variable's default value by typing in another comment above it, like this:


...can become...

--Default 60

which will tell my mercenary not to be such a weenie about getting hit and it tells me what the origional value was.

The most important thing about AI tweaking is that it's all about personal taste. If you're happy with it, it's good. The second most important thing is that it's more of an art form to get it how you really want it, so dont be affraid to make a change and try out the new settings. You can always change it back if you remember the old settings (hence, why you would put the old values in the comments).

------ Ceer's personal AI tweaks-----

What this does, is makes the Mercenary attack stuff over most of the visible screen (15 squares from the player) disables the random direction running, and has the mercenary walk around me if he has nothing better to do (like killing stuff). When he finds a monster, he skill spams until he runs out of sp, then attacks normally if the monster isnt dead. If his sp regens to the point where he can use a skill again, he'll use his skills, then attack normally again when he runs out of sp.

---------An Example of Tweaking--------
If you like your manual skill spamming, but want to give your merc some freedom to use his skills, I'd suggest edditing the "UseAutoSkill_MinSP" variable that will leave you enough sp for the skills you want to have:


..can become...

--Default 0

which will leave a few SP for skills, or

--Default 0

which will leave MORE sp for skills. You could increase this number until you have enough sp for the skills you want to spam manually.

------ If you have any Questions, please post or PM me in game, I'll be happy to answer when I have time Smile
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