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PostSubject: Whole new Forum   Whole new Forum Icon_minitimeSun Apr 13, 2008 9:54 pm

ok, i fixed the coloring and modifed the size and sight of the text and the sections now, i also gave each of our allies their own section in the Allied Guild's Section incase they would want a personal space on this forum and just to show them they are far more then welcome to stay here =D, i aslo made on the announcement bit of the Allied Guilds thread a whole new guide on how to download, install, adjust and set up vent to join the wolf channel =D in hopes of trying to get vent activity up a notch (you have to be logged in to see it, since its valuable information and personal i made it protected so only members of this forum could join, so remember to register once you start using this forum to have full advantage of it =D), aslo i customized and changed the entire theme today as i mentioned in the other post, i fixed the picture on the top a lil added more details and such. Also added music on the website (still working on it to work better so be patient).

ok that was alot of ramble in one breath O_O, im tired now....so weary...so ill call it quits for today. please tell me how you like the website, since i worked hard on it and id love feedbacks, and when i mean feedback i mean ON THE FORUM~ you can say it to me to, but please!!!!!! USE THE FORUM MORE!

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Whole new Forum
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