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 MVP Hunt Status Picture!! updates weekly!

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PostSubject: MVP Hunt Status Picture!! updates weekly!   Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:58 pm

ok i wasnt sure where to post this, so if i posted this on the wrong spot then your welcome to give me a reply to where to post it Cee or anyone who knows where one of the admins wants this ^^, anyway! here it is! the FIRST of MANY updating pictures to come for WoG guild hunts =D <3 ill be updating the status for each hunt, so if you missed the hunt (like i did yesterday ^^; ) then come and look at the status for it, your free to post on this section but this is mostly made to look at the picture, but dont be shy!!! sunny i want replies i want this forum to be used! (i mean look at how much i have taken over the forum pirat ) GLORY TO NEKO! THE FORUM CONQUERER!!!!Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

*random crowd* HUZZA!cheers HUZZA!!cheers cheers HUZZA!!!cheers cheers cheers

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MVP Hunt Status Picture!! updates weekly!
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