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 New Goal line for Wolves of Midgard Guild Creation

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PostSubject: New Goal line for Wolves of Midgard Guild Creation   Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:10 am

As many of you are aware, we are expanding the Wolves once again. Mag has asked me to create an elite WoE combat guild, and I have accepted. The original idea was to have only trans characters join, but we have decided to allow others who are non-trans level 90 and above join as well.

Ever since Magista came back, he has been promising that the old Wolves with high level trans chars will come back. That statement has been based on the creation of a Wolves trans guild. We will be inviting our allies to send their best warriors in the hope that they will make it stronger. Also, Jaiden Black and Shade have expressed interest in the idea, so if you see them or any other lone wolf, make sure to mention it.

From today, I'm setting up a goal of guild creation based on my own leveling calculations. By 4 weeks from now, I should hit level 98, which will give me enough clout to say that I will be transing soon. At that point, I will invite all the people who seem to be effective levelers to the guild to get it up and running. The guild needs 350m exp to be a fully realized WoE guild (IE: needs to have recall), which is a lot of exp. I dont know that I will be inviting people who are not willing to donate a significant chunk of that exp up front (asside from FS), so make sure you put yourselves in good leveling position before then.

This new guild will work closely with Wolves of Geffen, and will have joint meetings. After we finish launching the new guild, Wolves of Geffen will focus more on MVP and fighting monsters, while Wovles of Midgard will focus more on the PVP and WoE aspects of the game. We will ALL use this website and ventrilo to maintain our community. If you have questions about this notice on the direction the Wolves Alliance is going, Please contact me or Magista. We will be happy to address any comments or concerns you may have.
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PostSubject: Re: New Goal line for Wolves of Midgard Guild Creation   Tue Feb 12, 2008 12:53 am

After some more careful consideration, Mag and I have decided Wolves of Midgard will now be created when we have 10 trans people ready to join. Everyone interested in owning WoE, please make your best effort to get to high level and trans so we can be the best guild we can be.

Thanks to all Wolves for your time and effort!
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New Goal line for Wolves of Midgard Guild Creation
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