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 Stat Food Makings

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PostSubject: Stat Food Makings   Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:11 pm

Many people are interested in stat foods to help them level. For those of you who dont know, stat food increases a specific stat by a certain amount for 20 minutes. The only way for the enemy to dispel it is to kill you. They range in potency from +1 to +10. Currently, I have the ability to cook +3, +5, +6, and +7 stat foods. Success is determined by the level of the food and the stats and experience of the cook. If you are interested, simply bring me the ingredients for the number of tries you want me to perform, and 1kz (or a cooking kit) per try. My forger's cooking success rate at +5 is about 30%. Many cooking ingredients are NPC purchasable.

Int +5: Blue Potion x 1 + Mastela Fruit x 4 + Lemon x 2 + Alcohol x 2 + Yellow Spice x 1

Str +5: Carrot x 3 + Potato x 10 + Honey x 2 + Bag of Grain x 1 + Cooking Oil x 1

Dex +5: Hinalle Leaflet x 2 + Aloe Leaflet x 3 + Sharp Leaf x 10 + Huge Leaf x 6 + Yellow Spice x 1 + Sweet Sauce x 1

Agi +5: Red Herb x 10 + Hinalle Leaflet x 10 + Jack o' Pumpkin x 20 + Wing of Red Bat x 20 + Pot x 1

If you are interested in different receipes, please contact me in game or make another forum thread. If you are interested in learning to be a cook, I can lend you my hat and help you on the quest.
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Stat Food Makings
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