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 This weeks Editorial

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This weeks Editorial Empty
PostSubject: This weeks Editorial   This weeks Editorial Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2007 2:34 am

Hi,Wolves,well, firstly, let me say a great THANK YOU, to Sorrow and Blaze[who did all the hard work!]
We have got off to a good start,now Im not asking all the wolves to go back on RO,[although that would be nice],no, what Im asking ,is that we created a Dynasty that transcended just one game,and i would like you all to stay in touch with your wolf family.Be proud of it,it will not die if its in your hearts as much as it is in mine.
There are many untold wolf stories out there, and i want them here
To start this off, i remind you of 1 event,the funniest Dead Branch party,
we were 14 wolves,and we had about 30 dead branches.
All went well and we were killing in fine fashion,until we let 2 go at once, and just our luck, one was AA,and i think the other was angeling.
They swept thru us killing everyone, and got loose.
When I came back out of morroc, there were dead noobs everywhere.
We eventually got hold of Ginger [from Ancient Berserkers,]and Wolves and Berserkers hunted them down and farmed them, for hours,until the time came to kill them all,OOPS!i forgot to tell you,some bright spark decided to let a DB off behind us,and all hell broke loose!
It took us 3 days to clear all that lot!
......................................................................................................... Those are the stories i want to remember, and any imput is more than welcome,
Bye for now,love to all my wolves,AROOOOOOŽ!
Magista [Wolf Lord]
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This weeks Editorial
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