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 Magi writing an Editorial,OMG!

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Magi writing an Editorial,OMG! Empty
PostSubject: Magi writing an Editorial,OMG!   Magi writing an Editorial,OMG! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 10:08 pm

Just a few things,First off, in case im not on line a lot,its cos i recieved a package virus,[Smitfraud C,Smitfraud toolbar,Trojan Alfa,Love Worm]
and it almost destroyed my entire software base!So im busy making a new software package!Nortonanti-virus=Yukk!
Next up,Saturdays turn out for Woe was Excellent, lets keep it up,shall we?
The guild needs 20 mill exp points, and Magi and Sleek are both over 30% tax
,anyone willing to donate more than the statutory 5%,please do
I want to set up permanent Woe parties,for wednesday and saturday,if you want to be part of a permanent team,Tanks and support will be aimed at you,first.
Regarding alts,we need trans levels,so try to stay on 1 alt,if you can[im excluding your merches,here],so we can trans guild,soon.
Anyone with a greed level BS or Alchie,please PM me, i want to try to do mass greed attacks!
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Magi writing an Editorial,OMG!
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